DIY Flower Box Welcome Sign

Lately, I’ve been seeing the cutest flower box welcome signs for events. I’m not sure who originally created this idea, but I love it! So, I immediately went to Etsy to see how much these babies go for. I discovered they can run anywhere from $140-$300+! I’m not totally surprised because although it’s a doable DIY project, it does take time and the cost of products. But if you are reading this, then you are probably okay with rolling up your sleeves and making your own instead paying someone else to do it. So, lets get into how I made mine.

Now, there are a number of different variations and ways to make this. I decided to do the Polaroid style shadow box but this style does call for a jigsaw. However, there is a way to slightly modify this without having one but I’ll get into that later in this post.


1/4 inch bonded wood (Get store to cut down to 2 sheets of 24×30″)

2 – 1x4x6 ft (Cuts: 2 pieces @ 24″ ea & 2 pieces @ 1 tick on tape measure right before 28.5″ each and 1 piece @ 1 tick on tape measure right before 22.5”) See example below:

Brad Nailer

Jig Saw

Wood Glue

Sander (Hand sander works)

Faux flowers of choice


Cricut Cutting machine (for lettering)


  1. Make your frame by attaching the 24 inch pieces at top and bottom and the longer pieces on the sides as shown below. Use nail glue on ends and then use brad nailer to secure.

2. Attach one piece of your 24×30 sheet of 1/4” inch wood to the frame with wood glue and attach with brad nailer. It should now look like this:

3. Next you’re going to cut your square opening out the remaining 1/4″ sheet of wood. This is when you have to use your jigsaw. The size of the opening I made is 19×20″ but you can totally adjust that if you want a smaller or larger opening. If you don’t have a jigsaw you can have your top piece cut down so you only cover the bottom of your box. You can still get the same effect but it wont be completely closed in. Lightly sand everything once cut.


4. Paint the inside of box and top sheet with cut out.

5. Once dry, you attach your shelf using Brad nailer. This will hold the floral foam so you can add your flowers later.

6. Attach top piece glue cut out using wood and secure with Brad nailer.

7. Customize your sign using Cricut and attach. Using vinyl is a great option because you can easily remove it and reuse this sign for multiple events!

8. Place the floral foam blocks on shelf and add faux flowers of your choice!

Total cost of materials: About $65. I spent about $25-30 of that on my flowers. I love the sturdiness of the wood but you can also make this using foam board for a more affordable and lighter option.

You can also check out the video of me making this on YouTube or Instagram!

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