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Unique Baby shower gift

There’s nothing like celebrating the life of a child entering the world soon! Yesterday, we attended our good friends baby sprinkle for their second child who happens to be a boy. And since his name will be Jordan, I decided to play off that and make a gift with an Air Jordan theme!

I thought it would be super cute to make a gift basket that had a little basketball hoop attached to it. So I immediately headed to Amazon (of course) to look for a basketball rim. Now I actually did see something similar in Hobby Lobby and my first thought was to buy that instead of making this from scratch but they were sold out of it when I went to the store. So being the handy girl I am, I decided to just make it. Here’s the one from Hobby Lobby for reference:

I searched Amazon for a hoop that wasn’t too big and ended up finding this mini hoop set.

Initially I was going to try to just attach it as is but I didn’t have a good way to attach it to the box since I didn’t want to drill a visible hole in the plastic backboard. So let’s get into how I made it and what you’ll need.


1/2 inch plywood (Cut to 18×12)

1×3 piece of wood (Cut to 16-18 inches – I forgot to measure it…but you can make it as tall as you want…just not too tall)

Mini basketball rim

Cricut or some kind of cutting machine

Wood box (from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, etc)

Screws & drill or screwdriver


  1. Cut your 1/2″ thick plywood to 18×12 for the backboard and cut your 1×3 wood.
  2. Paint your wood. I also added a white border to the backboard
  3. Once it was dry, I added my design & his name I cut out on my Cricut. I bought the Air Jordan logo from Etsy.
  4. Attach hoop to backboard then attach the 1×3 to the backboard.
  5. Lastly, attach your 1×3 with backboard attached to your wood box!
  6. Fill it up with gifts and you’re all set for the shower!

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