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Why I love Resilient Flooring and you should too!

This post has been sponsored by Beautifully Responsible® Resilient Flooring but all opinions are entirely my own.

I’ve done my fair share of home renovations over the past 10 years in our previous and current home and one of the most impactful updates has always been flooring. 

After removing the carpet in the basement of our last home, we wanted to update the flooring and give it a more modern look.  Instead of replacing the carpet with more carpet, we decided to go with resilient flooring.   We needed something durable that could take a beating from toys and children running around and still look good.  Resilient flooring was the best decision we made for that space!

Now you may be wondering what resilient flooring is exactly so let’s talk about it.

What is resilient flooring?

Resilient flooring is a category, just like hardwood or carpet. It covers flooring types that have some degree of flexibility or “give,” yet are still solid, non-fabric surfaces. They are all about comfort, aesthetics, durability, and sustainability without the price of wood or ceramic. 

Types of resilient flooring

There are 7 types of resilient flooring.  One of the most popular and my personal fav is luxury vinyl tile (LVT).  We’ve used luxury vinyl in multiple rooms including a basement, home office, home gym and a bathroom.  I love that it’s budget friendly, water resistant, highly durable and looks great! It’s also DIY friendly to install yourself if you don’t want to hire someone to do it for you. We’ve installed our own in a few rooms and although DIYing your flooring can be hard work, it’s totally doable!

Even better, it reduces waste through modular installation – meaning you can easily replace individual tiles or planks as needed, without having to replace the entire floor.

I also love how easy this flooring is to clean! I don’t have to use harsh chemicals or cleaners either. With multiple children, that’s definitely important. And although we don’t have pets, resilient flooring is totally pet friendly as well!

Here are the other types of resilient flooring:

  • Rigid core flooring (also called multilayer flooring)
  • Sheet vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Core
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl composition tile

All seven types of resilient flooring are beautifully made – and Beautifully Responsible®.

Other benefits of resilient flooring

Not only is this versatile flooring durable, affordable, and available in an incredible array of styles, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Most resilient flooring is made with a combination of natural and synthetic materials.  These material combinations allow manufacturers to offer a huge array of true-to-life, nature-inspired designs while actually conserving less-abundant natural resources. It means that they’re not harvesting hardwood trees or any exotic species, but you can still enjoy their beauty by choosing resilient flooring modeled after them.

I also love that resilient flooring is designed to benefit the natural environment and the environment inside your home. You can choose products that are certified to promote cleaner indoor air quality due to reduced VOC content. The FloorScore® and ASSURE CERTIFIED™ labels make it easy to know whether the floor you choose contributes to good indoor air quality. I appreciate being able to rest assured that my family can breathe easy.

So whether you’re renovating your home, building a forever home, or somewhere in between, resilient flooring meets your needs today and for years to come. For the look, affordability and all the benefits, you really can’t go wrong!

Where to purchase Resilient Flooring?

You can shop resilient flooring made by Beautifully Responsible® manufacturers at your local flooring store. Visit BeautifullyResponsible.com to learn more, and make sure to follow @ResponsibleFloors on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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