Back to School Home Organization Finds on Amazon

My kids start back at school next week so I’ve been looking for items that will make all of our lives easier (mainly mine lol) & more organized. So, of course I went to my favorite online store, Amazon to look for some items and Amazon cam through as usual lol.

First item I found was one I have actually been eying for quite awhile. It’s a Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer. The reason I hadn’t hit BUY NOW yet though was because I was afraid it wouldn’t fit in my drawer. Now, there is an option to hang alot of these on the wall but I really wanted it in the drawer. But I went ahead and ordered it with plans to install it on the wall in my pantry. But, to my surprise, it actually end up fitting in the drawer! Look at God! lol

There are tons of styles of this type of organizer and after spending way too long trying to debate which one to go with, I landed on this one for 1 main reason. I noticed a lot of the options have wider openings and it just didn’t seem like the bags wouldn’t stay in as neatly. This style has unique openings which keep the bags in place better in my opinion. See below:

If you want to try this one, you can purchase it here!

Okay now onto my second find, a water bottle organizer! I don’t know about yall but my kids have a thousand water bottles and now that they get to bring them to school, it’s important they have somewhere to store them otherwise, they end up all over the place. I found this water bottle organizer that I sit on the counter:

You can purchase this here.

Let me know if you try either of these and how they work you!

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