One Room Challenge – Week 2

Is it just me or is this month flying by!? We’re already on week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I feel like I’m moving along kinda slowly lol.  Buttt I’m still trying to finalize some very important aspects of the room….one being the color I want to paint the custom entertainment stand we’ll be building.  

Originally, I really wanted to go with a bold color.. like orange or magenta (I still kinda want to go that way) but I’m just not so certain it will be the look I want to go for.  So I am playing it a little safer and going with a shade of blue.  Now, as we all know theres a zillion shades on the market so which blue do I go with?? 

Here are some sample swatches I picked up from Sherwin Williams that I love. I’m really leaning towards Cyberspace but some of the lighter blues in this mix are nice too.  Which blue is speaking to you more? 


Stay tuned next week to see what I go with! 😉 And be sure to check out updates from all the featured designers and guest participants at!

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