Confessions of a Mom Keeping it Real… (No Mom Shaming Please)

Happy Friday!  It is Friday, right? lol

I LOVE being a mom, its something I prayed for. But a perfect mom (if there is even such a thing) I am not.  So from time to time, I’ll be candidly sharing some of my mom confessions.  Hopefully, it helps all you other mommas out there feel better about not being perfect either! And remember this is a No Mom Shaming zone here…no judgement! Without further ado, these are my confessions (*in my Usher singing voice*)


#1  Figuring out what to pack my kids for lunch everyday gives me a headache….no, more like a migraine.


#2  I’m always running late….like always.


#3  My laundry piles up sometimes (okay its pretty much a mountain of clothes every day :/)  I mean seriously who has time to wash & fold clothes every day??


#4  I have not watched the popular Netflix documentary “What the Health” and as of this post, I have no plans to ever watch it. Yes, I’d like to blissfully stay ignorant on certain subjects…this being one of them. Which leads me to my next point….


#5  Kudos to all you vegetarians and vegans out there, but I am neither.  I eat meat, my husband eats meat, my kids eat meat. Case closed….at least for now.


#6  I’m totally guilty of letting the TV “watch” my kids to give me a break.  I thank sweet baby Jesus for the creators of Sophia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Moana everyday.


#7  I know some moms like to keep every single piece of colored scribble their children do.   I, however am not that mom.  I definitely keep some of it but end up tossing a lot of those lovely pieces of art (don’t tell my kids).   I mean they are 3 and some of it is literally just scribble….beautiful scribble, but scribble nonetheless.


#8  Love spending time with my kids, but I look forward to their bedtime….as in I have a full blown countdown to it.  I know I’m not the only one, right?


#9  I have an SUV that often looks like a junkyard scattered with remnants of lil goldfish, old French fries, and small toys. Is it even possible to keep a car clean with small kids??


#10  I’m secretly jealous of moms with cool vans. I mean they are sooo convenient and spacious and did I say convenient? I just can’t bring myself to get one…well maybe I…… nahhh I can’t.


Hope you enjoyed my mom confessions today…maybe you can even relate to a few of them! Or maybe you have some of your own you’d like to share, I won’t judge ya!








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  1. Ha Love it! I am doing better with being on time (but still working at it), I am also a fan of Disney Jr., Sprout, Nick Jr., etc. and their apps on the iPad!!! The inside of my car is clean all of the because I have OCD and my son is very aware (his friends not so much) lol Oh and due to my current employment situation I do wash, fold, and iron clothes regularly (mainly an OCD condition) HOWEVER; I have ONE child NOT THREE and at ones I ask myself WHY do people have a ton of kids because it one of the harder jobs one will ever have!! #realrap

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