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How to Dye Pasta for Sensory Play

If you are looking for a fun sensory activity for your preschool age kids, try dying pasta for them to play with. My 3 year old girls love it! Even better its super easy to do and cheap (my type of combination lol)!

All you need is pasta, alcohol, large Ziploc bags, and food coloring.

  • Mix 1/4 cup of alcohol with your food coloring color of choice.

  • Pour it in your large Ziploc bag and pour in pasta.

  • Close bag and shake shake shake.

  • Let the bag sit for awhile until pasta reaches desired color.

  • Pour out on a baking pan lined with paper towel to dry.

  • Repeat process with different colors.

  • Pour all the pasta in a large container and let your kids enjoy!

I didn’t have a plastic container on hand when I made these for my kids, so I just tossed the pasta in a long aluminum pan and they had a ball!


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