Allow me to reintroduce myself…

For those of you who may remember, I started a blog back in 2009 (All Things Creative) while planning my wedding but after a few years, I eventually stopped posting. You know how life just comes at ya…yeah well that’s pretty much what happened. Let’s see, since initially starting my first blog, I got married, left my corporate job working for Kraft Foods, stepped out on faith and became a full time entrepreneur (Nneka Saran Handbags), traveled to some cool places, met tons of people, co-founded another business (Handy Chics), hosted women’s empowerment events, purchased a home with my husband, had challenges getting pregnant, birthed twin girls, dissolved/shut down my handbag business, went back to corporate America, co-authored a book on dating God’s way with my husband, made it through a full blown kitchen renovation and lived to tell about it lol, and just recently gave birth to a baby boy.  In between all that, I’ve done what feels like a million DIY projects.  I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging for some time now, and since I’m on maternity leave, I figured there is no time like the present!

So if you are wondering what can you expect to see on this blog, it’ll be a little bit of everything from DIY projects to tutorials to things about being a wife and mom to inspirational posts to a few recipes here and there (emphasis on the “here and there” as Im definitely no real deal chef/baker lol).

I have no idea what blogging will lead to for me, but I felt a strong nudge in my spirit to get back to it so I know there is a purpose for this.  My prayer is that somehow it inspires someone out there. And I tell you what, beyond that, I’m open to whatever God has in store for me! (Oh yea, and FYI, I’m not perfect and don’t do everything right but I love me some Jesus and I’m not ashamed to say it 🙂 )

Me, my twin girls, and baby boy in the oven 🙂


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