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How to make a DIY Dessert Cart

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My baby girl is turning 3 next week and being the extra mom that I am (lol), of course I’m making a few things for it. We are doing an ice cream theme so I immediately wanted to make some sort of cart for treats. I decided to stick with a very simple design and make it pop with color!

This project is apart of my You Can Make This series where I show you how to make various projects that are totally beginner friendly! So without further ado, let’s get into this build!

Now, I have a lot of scrap wood laying around so I used mostly 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thick plywood for the base of the build. But if I were to do it over, I’d definitely use 3/4 inch thick plywood for the base so the instructions will include using 3/4″ plywood.


  1. 3/4″ thick plywood – This will be used for the front, sides, bottom and top of base
  2. Wood Dowels 1.25″ diameter – 4 qty
  3. Closet Rod holder – 8 qty (order 2 packs of 4 ea)
  4. 1x5x6 ft – 1 qty
  5. 1x5x4 ft – 1 qty
  6. Scallop Wood Trim from Etsy
  7. Moulding of your choice – I used 1-1/4 inch
  8. 6 inch Table legs – 4 qty
  9. Table leg top plate hardware
  10. Screws
  11. Wood glue
  12. 23″ Wood wheel (Got mine from Hobby Lobby, but you can purchase similar style on Amazon here
  13. Krylon Spray Paint



Base Front piece – 54″x30″

Base Sides – 20″x30″ (2 qty)

Base Bottom – 54″x20.5″

Counter Top – 57″x24″

Topper 52.5″x20 (You can also use 1/2″ thick plywood for this if you want)


54-3/8″ – 1 qty

20″ – 2 qty


Cut 4 to 35-1/2″ each (You can make them taller or shorter)

Step 1: Prepare the Base

  • Attach your front base piece to your side base pieces as shown below using wood glue & screws.
  • Attach your bottom base piece as show below. Secure with wood glue & screws.

Step 2: Attach the legs

  • Install hardware at each corner using screws in package.
  • Attach legs by screwing them in

Step 3: Assemble the topper frame

  • Attach your 1×5 strips together using a drill with wood glue & screws. I used a nail gun and added a few screws for extra support.
  • Attach the 3/4″ plywood topper sheet inside frame. It should look like this when done:
  • Then you’re going to attach the closet rod holders to each corner of your topper Make sure you measure where you put them so they match up to each other.
  • Once that’s done, you’re going to pop the dowels in to make sure they fit well and everything looks even.
  • Next, you will attached the closet rods to the other end of the dowel (that’s not already attached to the topper). This is so when you flip it over and put it on your countertop, you’ll be able to mark where you want to install the rod holders.

Step 4: Paint

  • Paint all your pieces. I painted the base and topper then went back and added more color to the rest.
  • Now, your cart should looks something like this:

Step 5: Accessorize and add more color

  • Now that the build is done, it’s time to make it fancy! Of course, you can get as creative as you’d like at this point but I’ll show you what I did.
  • Of course, I needed a wheel for the cart so I grabbed this from Hobby Lobby.
  • I also ordered scallop wood trim from Etsy because its just so cute! I spray painted it with Krylon Fusion Matte Beach Glass along with the closet rod holders (I took them off to spray paint them then re-attached).
  • I also add some moulding and trim painted in different colors (Krylon Colormaxx Gloss Gum Drop & Krylon Colormaxx Gloss Bright Idea)
  • Once I added all the trim, it was done!
  • The only thing I’ll add for the party is a custom name sign on the front!

You can also check out my 2 part videos here (Part 1) and (Part 2).

Let me know if you give this build a try! xoxo

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