Cold Water Saves … did you know?

As a family of 6, as you can imagine we have a ton of clothes! Since we have so many loads of laundry to do regularly, one way we like to help the environment is by washing in cold water. I recently partnered (on Instagram) with Gain Laundry Detergent to promote the Cold Water Saves initiative. Prior to partnering with them, I had no clue that switching one load from hot to cold can save enough electricity to power the average American home for an entire hour! Did you know that?

Even better, when you wash in cold water using Gain Flings you get that same ultra fresh ahhmazing scent and your clothes are just as clean as they are when you use warm or hot water. That’s definitely a win win.

And if you are all about saving money, you’ll be happy to know that washing in cold water also saves up to $150 a year on energy bills!

So help me spread the word and tell your family & friends to wash in cold water! And you can learn more about Cold Water Saves here.

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