How to make a DIY Outdoor Movie Screen


Over the weekend we wanted to do a movie night but it was too late to get a stand from Amazon so we decided to do this quick project and make an outdoor movie screen ourselves.  When I tell you this is the easiest project ever y’all, it really is!  Here are the deets:


2 – 4x4x8′ Pressure treated wood posts

2 – 50 lb. Bags of Quikrete cement 

2- Large Planters

2 – Solar light caps

1 – Post level 

1 – Movie screen

1- Projector 

*Flowers (optional)

Once you gather your materials, it’s time to get started.  We already had a screen and projector.  The other items probably costs around $50 in total (not including the flowers)

  1.  Add post level to your 4×4 post.  This will help ensure your post is level while cement is drying. We just used a rubber band to attach it.

2.  Grab first planter and a bag of cement.  Make sure you wear a mask and safety glasses when pouring the concrete mix. Have a helper hold up one of the posts inside the planter while you pour the bag of cement in (or vice versa).

3.  Get 1 gallon of water (we emptied out an old milk jug and used that) and pour it in. Mix it around a little and let it sit and dry.  The bag says it takes 20-40 minutes.  We waited the entire 40 minutes.

Below, you’ll see how it looks when water mixes with the cement.  

Once dried, it will look like this:

We decided to add solar light caps to the tops of the posts.  Gives them more of a finished look instead of just leaving it (but that’s totally optional). 

Honestly, at this point, you can be done! But if you like a little razzle dazzle like me lol, you may want to add some greenery. I ran out and picked up what I could find (pretty slim pickings since we are coming to the end of the season) and grabbed some rocks and potting soil.

Also added some drainage holes.  Now all you have to do is add your screen to the posts, set your projector out, find a good movie and enjoy!


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