DIY Easy Peezy Console Table (TUTORIAL)

I partnered with Tekbond Adhesives to show you how to build a console table and this one is super easy to do! I posted it on Instagram and a lot of you wanted to know how to make it.  When I tell yall, this one is easy peezy, it really is! 

Below I have listed the materials and cut list, then we’ll talk about how to put it all together! You can get your wood cut at Home Depot or Lowe’s for free.  The finished table size is 44″w x 30″ h.


1 piece of 1x12x10 wood

1 piece of 1x8x6 wood

Wood Glue

Nail Gun & nails

Spackle (I like Dry 

Paint (color of your choice)

Hand sander


Tabletop – cut one 44″ piece out of your 1x12x10 

Legs – cut 2 – 29″ pieces out of your 1x12x10 AND 2 – 29″ pieces out of your 1x8x6

Optional – use 1 x 2’s to frame out the front.  I did 45 degree miter cuts but you don’t have to if you don’t have a miter saw. You can just add a 44″ piece across the front tabletop edge and then along the legs.



  1. We will put the legs together first.  Grab 1 piece of your 29″ – 1×12 and 1 piece of your 29″ – 1×8.  Use your wood glue and add it along the edge then stick the pieces together.  Repeat this process. 

 2.  Next, you will use your nail gun to attach the pieces together. Add about 6-8 nails down the sides. 

3.  Now both of your table legs are done.  Grab your wood glue and add it to the top as seen below.   

4.  Time to add the table top.  Place it on top and use your nail gun to secure it. 

5. This is how your table should look now:

6.  Now its time to spackle the nail holes and once they are dry, you can lightly sand the whole table.  

7.  You can stop at this point and just paint your table and be done! Or if you want a little more of a finished look, I’d suggest adding the 1x2s to the front edge to give the table a more finished look! See below. (Don’t mind the top… at first I was going to stain the table but decided to paint it instead)

8.  I did mitered corners but you can only do this if you have a miter saw.  If you don’t, then you can also get a finished look by adding the 1x2s without them.  You would cut 1- 44″ piece of 1×2 and attach it to the front edge of the table.  Then you would cut 2  pieces for the legs.  I don’t have those exact measurements since I did it differently, but once you get the top piece on, you can measure to see what length you need…it’s somewhere around a little over 28 -1/4″

9.  After all the holes are filled and the whole thing is sanded, paint your table and then you are done!! 

10. Last step is to style your console table! I got my mirror from TJ Maxx and the lamps from Home Goods! Told y’all….easy peezy! 🙂



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