I’m apart of the Party City Boo-Loon Sweepstakes!

There’s nothing like a holiday that allows you to dress up and go all out and Halloween is just that.  So needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Party City for their Boo Loon Sweepstakes! Party City chose 8 influencers to create balloon creations based on 8 different themes and I was one of them!  My theme was Boneyard Glam which was right up my alley.  I love anything with a little or a lot of shimmer and shine!

The other great part about my balloon installation is that it’s super easy to recreate!

Now I need you to vote! Every time you vote, you will be entered to win a $250 gift card to Party City.  Even better, you can vote once a day until 10/1/21.

Here’s the link: https://www.partycity.com/booloons-sweeps

Thanks in advance!

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