DIY Dress Up Station (TUTORIAL)

Like most little girls, my 3 year old twins love playing dress up!  So for their 3rd birthday party, I decided to make a dress up station for all the little girls to play with.  Of course they ended up not even using it during the party but we get tons of use out of it now!

And let me tell you, this was so easy to make! All you need are some 1×6’s and a dowel (Scallop wood trim is optional…I purchased mine on Etsy here).


  1.  Build a box frame using the 1x6s. Its up to you how big you want to make yours.  Mine is 36″ wide X 43″ high.  I used a nail gun to attach then added a few screws to secure it.

2. Next, I cut a piece of 1×6 to cover the bottom of frame as well as the sides. Then I cut the dowel to fit in frame and attached it with screw from the outside of box. Lastly, I attached the optional scallop trim to the top and sides of top.

Lastly, I painted it and thats it! Easy peezy, right?

I had planned to add a few more elements to this but ran short on time.  Nevertheless, my girls get lots of use of it now!



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