Momma of the Week – Terina Nicole

I’m so excited to be kicking off my Momma of the Week features tonight! Going forward I will feature a short interview with a Momma who is doing her thing balancing a hustle(s) along with motherhood. Follow these ladies and let’s continue to support one another!  There really is room for us ALL!  First up is Terina Nicole.

Name: Terina Nicole

Momma to: 1.5 (currently 5 months pregnant with my second child).

Based in: Philly area

Hustle(s):  Product designer at Jypsea Leathergoods. Design Instructor. DIY Blogger ( and Co-founder of The Creative’s Containers, a subscription service of fly DIY projects sent to your door with all of the tools, materials and instructions to make beautiful jewelry and accessories of your own (  Currently, I’m part-time but I am sometimes full-time and I plan to run my businesses full-time once the baby is here.

How does she balance it all?  Google Calendar! LOL Every single thing goes on the calendar so that nothing slips through the cracks and I don’t over-extend myself too often. Between all that I do at with my daughter and her school, my community involvement and 3 distinct (but related) businesses, plus a child on the way and a husband; it’s easy to feel exhausted so I make sure I spend a day each week indulging in self-care to reboot! Also, I’ve gotten comfortable with saying NO. I can’t be everywhere at once so I do what I can and when I can’t do anymore, I say NO guilt-free.

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