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DIY Ledge Bookshelf

Like most kids, mine have amassed tons of books. This is partly due to their grandma (my mom) who loves to send them books.  And I also buy them books pretty regularly as well.

I purchased a book rack awhile ago to hold some of their books in the family room but they ended up stuffing it so much that it would always look a mess.

Originally, I planned to do some ledge bookshelves in their bedroom but we’re limited on wall space so I decided to do it on a free wall we have in our family room.  Here is what the wall looked like BEFORE:

And here is how it looked AFTER:

I bought some wooden letters that spell out “READ” and added those to the top of the wall area.

This was a super easy project and not to mention very cheap! Stay tuned for a quick tutorial on how to do this yourself!



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